Clarion Insurance Company is run by a Board of Directors chaired by Mr. George Anthony Chigora, who also is a board member of prominent companies in Zimbabwe.

Board and Executive Management

Mr George A. Chigora (Chairman)

Mr. Chigora is an established tobacco and other raw crops farmer in the Raffingora area. He was appointed chairman of Clarion Insurance Company in 2004. He attained an MBA (UK) and is a fellow CIS member. He is the past chairman of NOCZIM and he also sits on various boards including Extensive Investments Private Limited, Mashco Holdings and CMED. He is also the former ZUPCO CEO.


Mainos Mudukuti – (Chief Executive Officer)

Mainos Mudukuti has over thirty-six years experience in the Insurance Industry. He is also a shareholder of Clarion Insurance Company. He was the Group Managing Director of IGI Life and IGI Insurance, and prior to that he was the Management Advisor for Lesotho National Insurance Company during the formation of Lesotho Life Assurance.

In 1989 he was the Deputy Division Head of T.A. Holdings – Zimnat Insurance and Zimnat Life, after helping to rebrand the group from Rhonet and ICR respectively. While in England, he was a branch manager for Abbey Life Insurance Company.

He was the president of the Insurance Institute of Zimbabwe (IIZ) and the Chairman of the Life Offices Association (L.O.A) in 1989, positions he held concurrently. His journey in insurance has seen him endowed with diverse local and international experience, thus bringing valuable strategic and management insight to steer Clarion Insurance Company.

Mainos Mudukuti has sat on various boards including University of Zimbabwe, Parks Board for nine years, Netone and Zellco boards as Chairman for three years, Tourism Industry Tarrifs Committee as Chairman for six years. He is a recent ex Councilor for the Harare City Council.

He is currently a board member at the Zimbabwe Cricket.

Mainos Mudukuti is also a board member at NMB Bank.

He holds various qualifications including a Certificate in Management Studies (B.E.C) and a Certificate in Insurance (United Kingdom).

Mrs. Tabeth Kaziboni (Non Executive Director)

Mrs. Kaziboni is currently a lecturer at the University of Zimbabwe in the Adult Education Department. She attained a Master of Educational Administration degree from the University of England in 1998. She has held various prominent positions through her career spanning over twenty five years.

Mrs. Kaziboni is also the current Chairperson of the Human Resources Committee.

Mr. Nimrod Chiminya – (Non Executive Director)

Mr. Chiminya is the current chairman of the Marketing and Risk Committee. He is also the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Landberry Holdings. He sits on various boards including Safadec Services, Rural Electrification Agency, TIMB and ZINARA. He is also the current President of Zimbabwe Local Government Association.

Mr Chiminya is the CEO for Clarion Financial Services a subsidary company for clarion insurance.

He is a qualified mechanical engineer from Singapore Technical Institute.

Isaac Madzima – Finance Manager and Company Secretary

He has over eighteen years of experience as a finance person and has worked in diverse sectors of the economy including manufacturing, agriculture and financial services. Mr. Madzima has worked for big institutions such as NOCZIM, Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, Delta Corporation and Accolade Holdings were staff compliments were in excess of 450 people.

Mr. Madzima attained a Bachelor of Accountancy (Honors) Degree from the University of Zimbabwe and is a fellow member of CIS. He has enrolled with UNISA for a Masters Degree in Business Administration.

Pikitai Mupandawana – Operations Manager

Pikitai is a holder of Bachelor of Commerce degree in Insurance and Risk Management from National University of Science and Technology. He has more than seven years experience in the insurance industry. He is a holder of a Master’s Degree in Risk Management and Insurance with NUST University.

Rex Garatidye – Accountant

Rex is a CIS Finalist with more than ten years of accounting experience in the services industry.

Mehlule Ncube – Regional Manager Southern Region

Mehlule holds an MBA from NUST University, a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Risk Management with UNISA, a Diploma in Insurance (IIZ),and a Diploma in Accountancy. Mehlule brings to Clarion Insurance a wealth of diverse experience in insurance and risk management spanning over ten years.


Jonias Tugwete – Regional Manager Northern Region

Jonias holds a Masters in Business Administration (Irish University Business School), Executive Diploma in Business Leadership (ZOU), Life Intermediary Certificate (IIZ), and Certificate of Proficiency (IIZ). He has over twenty years’ experience in the insurance industry.


Munyaradzi Saunyama – I.T. Administrator

Munyaradzi holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems from Midlands State University, a National Diploma in I.T. and a National Certificate in I.T. both obtained from HEXCO. He has over five years experience having worked for various companies including Blue Ribbon Foods, Boart Longyear and Lion Matches as I.T. Administrator.


Karen Idaishe Mbedzi –Executive Assistant & Human Resources Officer

Karen Idaishe Mbedzi obtained a Bachelor of Social Sciences degree, majoring in Organizational Psychology and Industrial Sociology from the University of Cape Town in South Africa. She holds a Certificate Of Proficiency from the Insurance Institute of Zimbabwe (IIZ), and is currently studying towards her MBA with the University of Gloucestershire (UK).

Corporate Governance

The board ensures that the Company follows the principles of corporate governance and business ethics including accountability, transparency and integrity. This incorporates the Company’s operating, financial and behavioral policies as a set of integrated values. Each year, directors will be required to submit in writing, a declaration as to whether they have any material interest in any contracts of significance in Clarion which could have given rise to a related conflict of interest.

A Board of Directors comprising of a chairman and five other members’ main responsibility is to direct and control the business of the company.

The Company has the following Board sub-committees; Finance and Investment Committee that advise the Board on specific issues covering the financial reporting system, internal controls, risk management, and compliance with regulatory authorities; Human Resources Committee advising on industrial relations and remuneration issues and Marketing and Risk Committee advising on operations issues and market risk.

Board and committee meetings are held at least once every quarter.

The Finance and Investment Committee

The Finance and Investment Committee deals with compliance of laid down financial and operating procedures, internal controls and compliance issues. The Committee is chaired by a non-executive director. The Committee meets at least twice a year with external auditors to review compliance with various regulations, accounting and internal control procedures and policies to discuss accounting, auditing, internal controls, risk management and financial reporting matters. The Committee also seeks to ensure accountability and proper management of the Company’s finances. It also reviews the performance of investments as well as procurement risk management.

 The Human Resources Committee

The Committee ensures that formal and transparent procedures are adopted for developing appropriate remuneration and human resources policies, with the primary objective of attracting and retaining skills necessary for the Company’s business. The Committee also deals with the terms and conditions of service of executive directors and senior management, with a view to ensuring that an appropriate caliber of management is attracted and retained. The Committee is chaired by a non-executive Director.

 The Marketing and Risk Committee

This Committee formulates marketing strategies and manages risk associated with major classes of insurance cover such as financial guarantees and court bonds. The Committee is chaired by a non-executive Director.